Feb 25, 2014

Searsport Harbor dredge plan public info meeting in Bangor 2/24/14 AUDIO

Audio recordings from the  February 24, 2014 public information meeting on the proposal to expansion-dredge Searsport Harbor, held at the Cross Center, in  Bangor, Maine.

A powerful showing by Penobscot Bay's fishing community thwarted Maine DEP's seeming plan to reduce public participation by moving the event more than 30 miles from Searsport.

Introduction to the meeting 5 minutes

Barbara Blumeris. John Henshaw in background
Speaker 1 Barbara Blumeris, regional chief, Army Corps of Engineers 12 minutes

Speaker 2  Steve Wolfe Army Corps of Engineers
* Part 1. All about dredging. 13 minutes
* Part 2 About dumping dredge spoils 20 minutes

1. Intro and Ron Huber, Friends of Penobscot Bay 2min35sec

2, Arch Gillies, Islesboro Selectboard 3min 10sec

3. Robert Young, Young's Seafood.  2min 45sec

4. Tony Kulik 2min 15sec

5. Representative Joe Brooks Winterport & Q&A 4min 14sec

6. Meredith Ares, Searsport Selectboard & Q&A. 2min 37sec

7. Nancy Galland & Q&A 5 minutes

8. Anne Crimaudo 50 seconds

9. John Porter, Bangor Chamber of Commerce 2min5sec

10.Bob Zeiglar, ME Port Authority 95sec

11. Bud Hall, Angler's Restaurant + Q &A 6min.

12. Patrice McCarron Maine Lobstermens Association 3min

13. Nancy Daley 2min 41 sec.

14. Harlan McLaughlin FOPB and Q&A 3min

15. Steve Hinchman 3min 15sec

16. Army Corps explains why it's there 75sec

17. David Cole 4 min

18. Mike Dassatt,  Belfast lobsterman 2min

19. Unnamed Southwest Harbor resident 3min 15sec

20 Steve Miller and Q&A 5min 40sec

21. Penobscot River & Bay Pilots 2min

22. Amy Browne WERU 2min 28sec

23. Christian Smith, Fisherman 1min 40sec

24. Nick Battista, Island Institute 2min 45sec

25. Becky Bartovics, Sierra Club  3min 30sec

26. Army Corps, Final remarks  50 sec


Anonymous said...

Nancy Daly from Ellsworth regarding my comment. I stated that nobody in the room believe that our waterways were a closed system (in regards to the foolish experiment where a tiny boat dropped little beads into a glass cylinder). This was the point of my entire comment but it has been deleted. Why is that?

Ron Huber said...

I will check. It may be that there was too much extraneous noise and that part wasn't very clear. This happened from time when someone near the microphone "whispered" to a seatmate. If so, I can locate it and add it to your recording on the web - though you may be disappointed by the audio quality.