Apr 16, 2016

Maine Port Safety Forum 4/13/16 Audio:mass rescue operations, underwater mapping

Rescued Titanic passengers aboard the Carpathia
On April 13, 2016 the Maine/New Hampshire Port Safety Forum was held in Belfast, Maine 
Topics included a review of  mass rescue operations for passenger vessels, Underwater mapping update by NOAA, and more.  

Here is audio from those two presentations. Recordings of the rest uploaded as time permits

Lt Cdr Meghan McGovern, NOAA Office of Coast Survey 

Latest NOAA underwater mapping projects Penobscot Bay etc 13 minutes

Arn Heggers USCG Preparedness Specialist
Mass rescue operations Part 1 6min 40sec
Mass rescue operations Part 2 9min 30sec
Mass rescue operations Part 3. 4min 2sec

More audio to be uploaded.  check back!

Apr 10, 2016

Penobscot Watershed Conference, April 9, 2016 FULL AUDIO

NORTHPORT. On Saturday April 9th, the Point Lookout Resort on Ducktrap Mountain hosted the Penobscot Watershed Conference

People around Penobscot Bay's 8,500 square mile watershed came together to discuss and give presentations on  the myriad threats to Penobscot Bay and its River watershed,  Listen below to audio from this important assemblage of 23 speakers, fielding questions from  among the  hundreds of interested people attending. People who've variously devoted their lives to protecting, understanding, 
worshipping, exploiting and/or enjoying Maine biggest watershed.and bay: Penobscot!
1. Butch Philips & Chris Sockalexis, Penobscot Nation Traditional Opening Ceremony,11 min

2.  Paul Anderson,  UME biologist & Penobscot Chief Kirk Francis Welcoming remarks 5 min

3 Curt Spalding, US EPA Region 1 Administrator   14 min

4.  Chellie Pingree  US Congresswoman, 1st District 16 min

5.  Robert Steneck. Keynote Speaker 27min: Marine Scientist 26 min.Theme: "Navigating the Penobscot River through turbulent times toward an uncertain future: a 4,000 year retrospective."

PART 2 "Restoring Fishery Health, Projects, Big and Small"
6. Gordon Russel, Lower Penobscot Watershed Coalition
7. Laura Rose Day, 27 min Penobscot River Restoration Project
8. Alex Abbott, 20 min  US Fish and Wildlife Service
9. Matt Bernier, 19 min NOAA Funding Opportunities, the Habitat Blueprint

PART 3 "Current Uses of the Bay"
10 Carl Wilson, 14 min Maine DMR
11.Cyrus Sleeper 13min 23sec So.Thomaston lobsterman (noise during recording)
12 Taylor Allen, 10min 38sec Rockport Marine
13 Barry King. 14min 48sec Schooner Mary Day.
14 David Gelinas. Penobscot Bay & River Pilots. 13min30sec

PART 4. "Indicators of Environmental Health: the Bay."
4A. "Dynamic Conditions and Foodweb of the Penobscot Estuary"
15,Lauren Sahl, 12 minutes Maine Maritime Academy
16. Rachel Lasley-Rasher 10min 46sec, UMaine
17. Karen Wilson, 11min 38sec USM
19.James Gilbert, UME, Seals. 10 minutes

4B. "How Healthy IS the Bay?"
20. Larry Mayer UMaine Biogeochemistry of the River & Bay 12 min
21. Keri Kaczor, ME Seagrant/Coop Ext 12min 43sec
22. James Wilson UMaine River & Bay restoration and fishery economics

4C. "Citizen & other Monitoring Programs"
23. Christine Tilberg GOMCME 5min 44sec

 Islesboro Islands Land Trust  media release after the conference