Feb 20, 2014

Mainah-Mata Disease: the coming blow to Penobscot Bay lobstering from mercury contamination

It will be called "Mainah-mata Disease",  after the historic deadly poisoning of the Japanese village  of Minimata by spilled mercury. The slow and steady mercury poisoning of the dedicated lobster eaters of the upper Penobscot Bay and lower Penobscot River, due to the spillage of that deadly liquid

metal into the upper estuary of Penobscot Bay has been underway for some time.

Were it not for the disastrous consequences to the bay and state's fishery,  and the political consequences for the LePage Administration, the state would also close the water of the upper bay, where unsafely mercury tainted lobsters were also found.

The headlines alone are a horror.  

"Penobscot River closed to lobster, crab harvests"

"Mercury_contamination in Penobscot River lobsters was known for 8 years"

Fisherman to find new place for traps after lobstering banned downstream from former chemical plant

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