Mar 31, 2018

Webinar audio: "Where and Why: Citizen Science in Ocean/Coastal Acidification Monitoring" 3/30/18

On March 30, 2018, Northeast Coastal Acidification Network (NECAN) held a webinar on  "Training for Citizen ScientistsListen below to audio mp3s of this hour long webinar.   Watch  video of full meeting (youtube)
Because local conditions  affect vulnerability to coastal acidification, NOAA's Ocean Acidification Program and NECAN  are helping citizen scientists in coastal acidification (OCA) monitoring.  Citizen science programs and researchers can take steps now to help protect marine environments from ocean and coastal acidification.

Mar 29, 2018

GAC Chemical Remediation of onshore acidic waste - June through December 2014

GAC Chemical  removed a sizable quantity of  acidic waste that had been dumped along the shore of Stockton Harbor -  June  through December 2014

10/16/14 Maine ocean acidification meeting AUDIO October 10, 2014. Augusta Maine.

11/8/14   Kidder Pt History. Aug1974, Delta Chemical, sulfuric acid plant acid fail causes shipwreck.
11/10/14 Kidder Point, Searsport. Acid and oil spills, 1983 to 2011
11/14/14 GAC Chemical's reported Acid & Oil Spills on Kidder Point from 1994 to 2012
11/14/14 Delta Chemical's 42 reported Kidder Pt Acid & Oil Spills from 1983 to 1994.

12/4/14  GAC Chemical Corp VRAP Public Communication Plan, November 2014
12/4/14 GAC  VRAP: 11/13/14 Email Prof Mark Green,St Joseph's College to GAC' consultant CES
12/4/14 GAC Chemical Corp VRAP 8/27/14 Summary of Investigations (2 pages)
12/5/14 GAC VRAP Site spills history & subsurface Sampling Plan
12/5/14 GAC Chemical VRAP site online documents archive
12/5/14 GAC Chemical VRAP Plan CES Remediation and Shoreline Stabilization Plan

GAC VRAP Investigations Summary Report. November 2014 (14 pages)

12/5/14 GAC's VRAP12/1/14 Public Communication Plan.
12/5/14 GAC VRAP Deed Restriction, Certificate of Completion February 12, 2003 - 1PAGE

Maine ocean acidification meeting October 10, 2014. Augusta Maine.

Listen to MP3 audio recordings from the 10/10/14 Maine Ocean Acidification Commission's meeting in Augusta.   Read agenda

Discussion of using crushed clamshell as counter to acidification

1. Prof Mark Green St Josephs College & John Lewis of Maine DMR. 7min

2. Susanne Miller MDEP, Richard Nelson lobsterman & John Lewis DMR 8min

Legacy land based acidic waste source
Senator Chris Johnson, Ron Huber, Friends of Penobscot Bay, Susanne Miller MDEP on GAC Chemical cleanup. 4min 30sec

Mar 28, 2018

Rockland's South Channel 2006 - 2014

Note: these pictures show a large and one or two closer up images of each year.


2004 closeup


2007 closeup

2007 closer in

2011 close up

2011 closer up


2011_2 closeup



2012 closeup

2012 closer up


2014 closeup

2014closer up

Mar 27, 2018

FOPB videos 2

Friends of  Penobscot Bay youtube videos part 2 underwater

15:38 Rockport Harbor Underwater camera tour May 13, 2015 15min Ron Huber

 Six minutes on the floor of Rockport Harbor, Maine Ron Huber

 Underwater beauty of Porterfield Ledge in Rockport Harbor, Maine Ron Huber

 GAC Chemical acid waste erosion: buffered by mussel shells?Ron Huber

  eagulls recapitulate history of Capitalism Ron Huber

0:31 Mummichogs on parade in the clean side of Kidder Cove. Stockton Harbor Maine. Ron Huber

 Rockport Harbor Rockport Maine October harbor floor 10/19/12 8 minutes 43sec Ron Huber

 A visit to Rockland Maine's muddy harbor floor Ron Huber

5:17 Sears Island 10/8/09 harbor floor scuba video  Stephen Darney

Rockport Harbor deeps 6 minute version Ron Huber

Six minutes on the floor of Rockport Harbor, Maine Ron Huber

 Beauty of Porterfield Ledge in Rockport Harbor, Maine Ron Huber

 A visit to Rockland Maine's muddy harbor floor Ron Huber


rockporthbr 101912 algae 11minutes tr Ron Huber

 Rockport Harbor bayfloor video 10/19/12 Part 2. 11 minutes Ron Huber

 Rockport Harbor 10/19/12 a short jaunt on the bayfloor Ron Huber

  Rockporthbr 101912 algae3 11min Ron Huber

  Rockport Harbor. Seafloor video 101912 Ron Huber

 Crab grazes on stone seawall of Rockland Harbor Fish Pier 9/13/15 Ron Huber

 Six minutes on the floor of Rockport Harbor, Maine   Ron Huber

 Underwater beauty of Porterfield Ledge in Rockport Harbor, Maine Ron Huber

 A visit to Rockland Maine's muddy harbor floor  DMR

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