Mar 1, 2014

Maine Fishermens Forum 2014 - Fishery Council rep reviews coming new habitat protection amendment - learns about bay mercury, dredging concerns

Rockport. The New England Fishery Management Council and NOAA's scientific leadership gave updates on important new coastal  habitat protections on the horizon before the members of Maine's fishing communities filling hundreds of folding chairs Friday at the 2014 Maine Fishermens Forum. 

Clamming & lobstering interests were there, and the hookers, harpooners, draggers, gillers and seiners of Maine's finfisheries. A handful of conservation ENGOs and journalists too.
Listen below to Michelle Bachmann, habitat coordinator, New England Fishery Management Council, describe Omnibus Groundfish Habitat Amendment 2 and its implications for all New England fisheries.  This discussion  was followed by a panel of NOAA's top officials who similarly received careful questioning by the assembled.

NEFMC on new coastal habitat protection rules 

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