Feb 22, 2018

USCG-led discussion 2/20/18 on federal anchorage plan off Owls Head at Rockland HMC mtg AUDIO

Listen below to Rockland's Harbor Management Commission getting a briefing by  US Coast Guard officials on the status of the Penobscot Bay & River Pilots's application to the USCG for formal designation of a Federal Anchorage off Broad Cove, on the northwest side of Owls Head

Many of the issues raised at the 2/20/18 meeting echoed concerns of citizens at the 
 January 30, 2018 public  meeting There, two state legislators  Senator Dave Miramant and Representative Pinny Beebe-Center agreed to track the project and inform constituents as the project moved ahead.

Meeting audio

1. Introduction and public comments 6 min

2. Introduction to USCG speakers 1minute

3.USCG presentation and QA 1 6min 52sec

4. USCG presentation and QA 2. 8min 45sec 

5. USCG presentation and QA 3. 9min 12sec

6. USCG presentation and QA 4 10min

7. USCG presentation and QA 5. 10min 43sec

8. Full  meeting 54min 

Belfast: Nordic Aquafarms presentation on plan for world's largest upland salmon farm.

On February 21, 2018, representatives of Nordic Aquafarms gave a well attended presentation at the Hutchinson Center in Belfast on their plan to build and operate the world's biggest upland salmon farm.  Listen below to the presentation by Nordic CEO Erik Heim and the lengthy question and answer session.

Introduction by Belfast Mayor Paradis. 3min 19sec

Presentation by Nordic CEO  Erik Heim 33min

Question & Answer session

Part 1. 9min 36sec

Part 2 8min

Part 3. 10 min 5sec

Part 4. 9min 19sec

Part 5. 9min 25sec

Part 6 8min 25sec

Part 7 10min 45 sec

Part 8 6min 53sec

Closing Remarks 3min 7 sec

Feb 1, 2018

Fed anchorage off Owls Head, bill exempting Canadian ferries from using pilots, discussed 1/31/18 at Rockland Town Hall mtg.

ROCKLAND.   Listen below to Rockland's State Representative Pinny Beebe-Center and State Senator Dave Miramant  discuss  an anchorage plan and a pilotage bill at a well attended "Town Hall" event in Rockland Council Chambers on the evening of December 1st.

Pilotage  Bill  The kegislators and public  had a a 6 minute discussion on the bill  discussed LD 1752  "An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Pilotage Requirements for Passenger Ferry Service between Maine and Nova Scotia"  LD 1752 would allow Canadian ferries to go  in and out of Bar Harbor without pilots if their captains had completed "a minimum of 15 round trips of ingress and egress".and on the need for ships' pilots to guide human cargo to Maine's ports as well as ships bearing petroleum and other cargoes  

Federal anchorage proposal This was initiated by  the Penobscot Bay & River Pilots's submission to the Coast Guard. Listen to the 2 legislators and a very concerned public discuss for 21 minutes the federal anchorage proposal  to USCG by Pen Bay Pilots for off Owls Head