Feb 19, 2007

Lower Penobscot River Watershed Coalition meets Feb 26, Bangor.

Like Penobscot Bay, the tidal Penobscot River plays an important role in the fish and wildlife ecology of the Gulf of Maine. The Lower Penobscot Watershed Coalition is meeting February 26th from 10:00am – 2:00pm, at the Fish &Wildlife Building, 650 State Street, Bangor, ME to discuss protecting and restoring these values. The meeting is sponsored by Penobscot River Restoration Project Info: Gayle B. Zydlewski 207-862-3382. The draft agenda follows:

  1. Review agenda

  2. Introductions & Updates

  1. Values of the Lower Penobscot Watershed that are worth preserving

  1. What needs to happen to preserve these values

  1. Overview of the Penobscot River Restoration Project

  1. Discussion of Land Trusts and Watershed Councils

  1. Elements of a Mission Statement

  1. Discussion of organizational structure

  1. Action items/next steps

  1. Schedule next meeting

  1. Other

Directions to Fish and Wildlife Bldg in Bangor:
Coming from I-95, take exit 187 (Hogan Road exit). If you are north bound, take a right onto Hogan Road and go to the Mount Hope intersection (third traffic light) and turn right. Approximately .3 miles take a left at the bus kiosk. This is the back entrance of the BMHI campus. Go past the large green barn. There will be a large parking lot on the right hand side of the road, and at the end of this is a three way-intersection. Turn right and look for the three-story rectangular brick building with a bronze deer sculpture in the front yard. That's the Fish & Wildlife Building. ASC is on the second floor.

If you are south bound, take a left on to Hogan Road and follow the directions.

Feb 6, 2007

Lobsters from away, landing at a dock near you.

Bill seeks to lure out of state fishermen to land their lobsters in Maine.

LD 311 "An Act To Create a Nonresident Lobster and Crab Landing Permit"
Sponsored by Representative Walter Wheeler

"This bill creates a new permit that allows nonresident lobster fishermen to land their catch in a Maine port."

A farewell to seagulls?

Legislation would make it a crime to feed a seagull or any "migratory bird"
on public intertidal land on the coast of Maine and its islands.

LD 384 An Act To Further Protect Water Quality in Coastal Waters by Representative Leila Percy, Phippsburg expressly prohibits a most basic form of interspecies communication practiced in our area: tossing food to seagulls, ducks on the shore of the Gulf of maine.

"Prohibition. A person may not intentionally feed any migratory bird or seagull on public property in the intertidal zone."
As always, the fine folks in the state legislature's Marine Resources Committee
would be pleased to learn your point of view on this or any other marine legislation before them.

Feb 2, 2007

Shortnose Sturgeon, Elver fisher safety bills before marine resources committee Feb 7th

Augusta: Legislature's joint marine resources committee schedule
Wednesday: Feb. 7th 1:00 pm

9:00-10:30 am FY08-09 Budget hearing in Approp Committee.
1:00 pm Presentation: Sea Grant UMaine Cooperative Extension
Reports: Boater Safety and Endangered Species
Work session on LD# 140-A/A to List the Shortnose Sturgeon as a Marine Endangered Species
Work session on LD# 77-A/A to Provide for the Safety of Elver Fishermen Using Dip Nets