Oct 17, 2020

Nordic AQ Oct 14th Belfast Planning Board discusses outfalls, nitrogen

On October 14th  Belfast's Planning Board  got briefings from its environmental consultant, Mandy Oliver, on the proposed Nordic Aqua Farms land based salmon farm's pipeline and outfalls 9min30sec  and the Amount of nitrogen coming out?  13min 48sec  Have a listen (mp3s)

 The board asked what  treatments  the treated habitat water and slaughter-water  would get before they reach the outfall pipe?  Where will effluent plumes discharging from the outfall go? Where will the filtered out solids go?  What if over-nitrification of the water  causes algae blooms?    

The state's bad  idea  is to wait until the project is built and operating for a year  before using dye tests to  figuring out if there will be too much waste in the wrong places in Penobscot Bay.   

But if the answer turns out to be yes, then what? If cutting production makes it unprofitable, won't the fish company close down? Or will Nordic merely have to pay a Wergild for the injury to the bay, and go on polluting?

Stay Tuned.

Oct 14, 2020

Nordic's new intertidal gambit: Hartley v Hartley?

 Six brief legal notices of land transactions between Belfast property owners and Nordic Aquafarms  appeared the other day in the Belfast Republican Journal.  PDFs of each, below.

Nordic is apparently attempting to show a new interpretation of Harriet Hartley's property transactions involving the shore and intertidal lands of the northern half of the Little River delta.

David Nelson Woods to Nordic Aquafarms Inc.

Marcia L. Woods to Nordic Aquafarms Inc.

Robert L. Burger II to Nordic Aquafarms Inc.

Thomas A. Burger to Nordic Aquafarms Inc.

Robert L. Burger to Nordic Aquafarms Inc.

Karen L. Stockunas, Sandra L. Bell, David Wesley Bell, Constance Daily and Barbara Bell to Nordic Aquafarms Inc

Crossroads landfill "expansion"? 3 critics call it a new landfill and a bad idea.

Below read comments on Waste Management Disposal Services of Maine’s application for Landfill Expansion, Crossroads Landfill, Norridgewock, Maine (Somerset County), #S-010735-WD-YB-N

Area outlined in map is proposed expansion area. Existing landfill is below and to left of expansion site

Hillary Lister of Don't Waste ME comments on  Crossroads Landfill expansion plan  

Sean Mahoney  Conservation Law Foundation Comments on Crossroads Landfill expansion plan.

Kat Taylor comments on  Crossroads landfill expansion plan  

Oct 13, 2020

Maine's off-Monhegan prototype ocean wind project drops from two floaters to one.

Listen to the August 18, 2020 zoom presentation & QA concerning the latest iteration of Maine's floating offshore wind turbine project.

33 minute presentation and q&a (mp3) AND Lincoln County News story 8/25/20.

"New England Aqua Ventus LLC,
a joint venture between Diamond Offshore Wind, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corp., and German RWE Renewables, the second-largest company in offshore wind globally, has replaced the previous company behind the project, Maine Aqua Ventus 1 GP LLC, according to Jake Ward, vice president for innovation and economic development at the University of Maine." 

"Wissemann was joined in the Zoom call by two colleagues at Diamond Offshore Wind, David Deutsch and Duncan McEachern, as well as a consultant recently hired by the company, Genevieve McDonald."  

 "$100 million in funding for the project, dubbed New England Aqua Ventus I."

"New England Aqua Ventus LLC will lead construction, deployment, and operations for the single 10- to 12-megawatt wind turbine..."

"The university’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center will handle design, engineering, and research and development for the project, and will monitor it once it is operating."

 "Chris Wissemann, CEO of Diamond Offshore Wind, spoke for the joint venture and said he hopes to identify a landing site where the underwater cable from the wind turbine can tie into the power grid by the end of 2020:.

 "The route of the cable and where it will make land, both points of contention in mainland communities since the initiation of the project several years ago, are not yet clear." 

"Wissemann said a central concern is researching the impact that the turbine will have on the ecosystem of the area, particularly on fishermen." 

"We think it would be prudent to build only on research that demonstrates how people can operate around these things — how right whales can operate around these things, how fisherman can fish,” Wissemann said."

"New England Aqua Ventus LLC hopes to begin submitting permit applications early next year and start building the foundation in 2022, said Wissemann."


Oct 2, 2020

Penobscot Bay Dredging History 1988 -2007

Dredging articles and audio about  Searsport, Belfast, Rockland and Brewer proposals 1988 - 2007

1988 Sears Island Dredge
BDN Dredging in Sears Island Channel causes major losses for many Maine Lobstermen

2000 Mack Pt Dredge
BDN: Mack Pt dredging to be reduced  June 21, 2000

2002 Baywide Dredge
 Working Waterfront: Dredge committee wraps it up[on Mack Point & Rockland Disposal Site]

2002 Belfast Harbor Dredge 
BDN: Belfast Harbor Set For Dredging

2003 Belfast Harbor Dredge
BDN: Belfast dredging nears completion

2007 Lower Penobscot River Dredge (audio)
DMR's Brian Swan opens meeting on dredge plan for Penobscot River site in Brewer  (mp3)  9/1107

Maine Dredge Team meets October 6, 2020. Plus: what was decided at 3/3/20 mtg

On October 6, 2020, from 10am to noon, Maine Dredge Team will meet virtually using the Microsoft Teams technology.     AGENDA      Click here for info on joining the meeting.  

At dredge team meetings, navigation projects large and small that involve excavating out an area of our bay floors, GOM-floor or river floors - and moving the "spoils" to another location - come under discussion by municipal, state and federal officials with dredging part or all of their mandates. Along and with environmentalists and others joining in as the interested public,  presenting as well.

The dredge team also reviews proposed or ongoing ecological  restoration projects - often more of them than navigation projects. As the minutes of the  March 3, 2020 meeting and the October 4, 2019  bear witness to .

At the March 13 meeting, ACOE 's Mark Habel said there were no large scale dredging  projects underway in Maine.  He then gave  updates on the status of small-scale navigation improvement projects  presently under consideration in  Blue Hill Harbor,  Great Chebeague Island. Surry  and  Brooksville 

Non-navigation projects considered at the March 13, 2020 meeting included Pleasant Point (shore protection riprap),  Cherryfield Dam on the Narraguagus River (modelling  fish passage options),   Stratton Island (Proposed shorebird habitat enhancement,)   Meduxnekeag River (investigating fish passage& habitat improvement);   Pleasant River (culvert replacement and marsh restoration);  New Meadows River (improving water quality and enhancing inter-tidal and salt marsh) and  Royal River  marsh remediation project and  fish passage options at the dam and falls on the lower river.


2019  10/4/19 meeting summary

2018  10/1/2018)_Maine Dredge Team

2016  October 11, 2016 meeting summary    March 7, 2016  (meeting audio) 

2000  NYT 8/6/2000  Lobstermen Protest Dumping of Dredge By Paul Molyneaux 

BDN's 9/17/20 Climate Conversations Webinar on Ocean Warming & Fisheries AUDIO

On  September 17, 2020  the Bangor Daily News hosted "Ocean warming & Gulf of Maine fisheries."  another in its series of "Climate Conversation" webinars.  Topic:   Listen below as participants: Yong Chen, Professor School of Marine Sciences at U Maine;  Kathy Mills, research scientist at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute;  Bill Mook, Founder of Mook Sea Farm in Walpole and Richard Wahle,  UMaine School of Marine Sciences & director of the Lobster Institute, discuss the latest on the effect that warming waters of the Gulf of Maine are having on the Gulf's  wild and aquacultured species.

1. Introduction BDN reporter Susan Young 3min 10sec

2. BDN editor Dan MacLeod poses 1st question 40sec

3. Dr Chen and Dr Mills respond 3min 30sec

4 QA Effect on Fisheries Yong Chen 3min45sec

5 QA Fisheries_effect_Rick_Wahle_4min9sec.mp3

6 QA Aquaculture impact Bill Mook 4min

7 QA impact on Lobsters Rick Wahle 5min 40sec

8 QA Impact on_lobsters Dr Chen, Dr Mills_5min26sec

9 QA Policy re lobster decline Mook Wahle_3min33sec.mp3

10 QA Policy re lobster Mills, Chen, Mills 8min 20sec

11 QA Policy re lobsters_Wahle_Mook_3min23sec.mp3

12 QA Policy Lobsters Wahle, Miller 5min 37sec

13 QA Other Aquaculture Mook 3min 15sec

14 Discussion Future of lobsters 5min 27sec

15 Audience Q 1_invasives_acidification_7min52sec.mp3

16 Audience Q 2 Right Whales 3min 27sec

17 Audience_Q 3_Lag_time between research & policy_9min28sec

18 Audience Q4 Noncommercial_species_2min27sec.mp3

19 Audience Q 5 Fishing industry & carbon targets 4min 5sec

20 BDN Closes Meeting 1min 16sec

Sep 29, 2020

Big Waste now seeks expansion of "Special Waste" landfill in Maine. Big hearing on Oct 1st

Maine at another Waste Crossroad? 
Big Waste to  seek OK from MDEP on Thursday Oct 1st to expand its "Special Waste" landfill by 57 acres. This will allow for dumping additional out of state "special wastes" in Norridgewock Maine. Leachate goes into Kennebec River

Want to put your two cents in? Attend DEP's virtual public hearing! It starts 6pm Thursday Oct 1st How: Contact DEP before 1pm Wednesday Sept 30th - that's tomorrow! Let Ruth Ann Burke know you wish to speak virtually at the meeting. ruth.a.burke@maine.gov or phone 207-287-2811

MEETING AGENDA: http://penbay.org/waste/landfills/2020/specwaste_%20hrng_092120_agenda_final.pdf

BACKGROUND Special Waste was formerly termed "hazardous waste" (Doesn't special waste" sound so much .. cleaner!) It includes incinerator ash, sludge, oil and solvent contaminated soils, asbestos, dredge spoils, coal ashes, coal gasification wastewater, medical waste and a variety of industrial process wastes from lead processing, bauxite refining, fertilizer production, acid production, and wastes from many other refining processes.

AT ISSUE: To approve a landfill expansion, MDEP must find that the facility

(1) will provide substantial "public benefit", and

(2) will NOT pollute any water of the State, contaminate the ambient air, create a nuisance, or constitute a hazard to health or welfare

* What can be the public benefit to Maine of permanently storing other state's "special" wastes in Maine?

* How much of which special wastes noted above does the state believe will be brought here? Shockingly, the application doesn't say! Isn't there a difference between, for example, medical waste and lead refining waste?

* Shouldn't we look ahead 7 generations? How the future will despise us if we keep mounding up the wastes of other states here for permanent waste storage?

* What could possibly go wrong? Isn't Maine an official American Dump State?

No? Then why do state officials act as if we are?

On October 1st press this issue. Save Future Maine

Sep 21, 2020

Maine BEP - Links to Chapter 400 proposed rule change, Public & NGO comments

* Ammerman, HD.pdf

* Ashby, Dale.pdf   
* Atlee, Dick.pdf  
* Bailey, Knox.pdf   
* Banks, Andy.pdf   
* Banks, Dennis.pdf  
* Banks, John.pdf  
* Barnett, Alice.pdf   
* Bassett, Ed.pdf 
* Birkett, Lucy.pdf  
* Blasi, Antonio.pdf 
* Bourgoin, Kathryn.pdf 
* Bradley, Linda.pdf
* Carson, Brownie.pdf  
* Carter, Bill.pdf
* Christoforo, Faye.pdf
* Clark, Jani.pdf
* Colihan, Dana.pdf 
* Cooper, Debbie.pdf  
* Cowan, Jensen.pdf
* Crandall, Nichole.pdf 
* Cranford, Meghann.pdf 
* Crockett, Peter.pdf
* Curran, Michael.pdf  
* Currier, Shannon.pdf  
* Dale, Eric.pdf
[   ] Darcy.pdf
[   ] Davis, Timothy.pdf  
[   ] Duncan, Nancy.pdf  
[   ] Dunn, M.pdf   
[   ] Dunton, Londa.pdf  
[   ] Ede, Kris.pdf
[   ] Elliott, Jacquelyn.pdf   
[   ] Elwood, Lauren.pdf 
[   ] email4lew.pdf
[   ] Estabrooks, Paul.pdf 
[   ] Farrin, Robin.pdf 
[   ] Ferraz, Clara.pdf
[   ] Follansbee, Mark.pdf  
[   ] Gluck, Sonya.pdf 
[   ] Graffam, Jordan.pdf  
[   ] Green, Amy.pdf 
[   ] Grguras, Young.pdf
[   ] Haas, Misha.pdf
[   ] Henckel, Barbara.pdf
[   ] Herz, Michael.pdf
[   ] Hester, Joshua.pdf
[   ] Hewitt, S.pdf 
[   ] Hood, Rachael.pdf
[   ] Horton, Victor (ME Resource Recovery Assoc).pdf
[   ] Hustus, Robert.pd  
[   ] Kerr, Brad.pdf   
[   ] Kiipman, Elizabeth.pdf   
[   ] Kim, Shelby.pdf  
[   ] Kondilis, Debra.pdf  
[   ] Kriva, Audrey.pdf  
[   ] Laner, Morgan.pdf 
[   ] Lauchlan, Susan.pdf 
[   ] Li, Yan.pdf
[   ] Lincoln, David.pdf K  
[   ] List, Henrietta.pdf  
[   ] Lister, Hillary (Maine Matters).pdf 
[   ] Lolar, Dale.pdf
[   ] MacBrayne, Pamela.pdf
[   ] Malis-Andersen, Suzanne.pdf
[   ] Mann, Shaw.pdf 
[   ] Marysdaughter, Karen.pdf
[   ] Milliken, Douglas.pdf
[   ] Monteleon, Marjorie.pdf
[   ] Moore, Anna.pdf                                                       
[   ] Morris, Lisa.pdf    
[   ] Motter, Emily.pdf
[   ] Nehls, Breana.pdf
[   ] Neptune Adams, Dawn.pdf  
[   ] Niolar, Eric.pdfK  
[   ] OBrien, Mary.pdf  
[   ] Orem, Carole.pdf  
[   ] Pauls, Beth.pdfK  
[   ] Pierce, Brian and Forrester, Rhonda (Sevee and Maher Engineers).pdf 2  
[   ] Pontoh, Daniel.pdf  
[   ] Primalbirthdoula.pdf 
[   ] Rayback, Brian (Pierce Atwood).pdf  
[   ] Rayner, Bruce.pdf
[   ] Reynolds, Austin.pdf  
[   ] Rice, Adam.pdf  
[   ] Rice, Ellen.pdf
[   ] Robertson, Cheryl.pdf  
[   ] Robin, Ellen.pdf 
[   ] Ryan, Rachael.pdfK  
[   ] Saffer, Jeff.pd  
[   ] Sharland, Susan.pdf 
[   ] Skerry, Priscilla.pdf
[   ] Smith, Trisha.pdf
[   ] Sok, Leakana.pdf
[   ] Spencer, Ed (2).pdf 
[   ] Spencer, Ed.pdf   
[   ] Stanton, Maureen.pdf
[   ] Stanton, Sally.pdf
[   ] Sun, Rivera.pdf 
[   ] Tasker, Heidi.pdf 
[   ] Thanhauser, David.pdf  
[   ] Thomas, Haley.pdf 
* Walker, Laurie.pdf 
* Wells, Ebony.pdf  
* White, Gail.pdf 
* Wilder, Sofia.pdf 
* Williams, Sally.pdf 
* Yin, Melody.pdf  
* Zhang, Maggie.pdf 
* Zurkan, RM.pdf