Oct 18, 2017

Rockland Harbor Commission Meeting 10/17/17 AUDIO RECORDINGS

Audio recordings form the Rockland Harbormaster Commission meeting held  101717 at the Harbormaster's office.

Note there is considerable background noise from a Rockland Yacht Club event  party being held beyond the room  divider at  back right in the photo.

Part 1. 15minutes

Part 2. 16minutes

Part 3. 20 minutes

Ron Huber recording

Oct 13, 2017

Quorum disruption on industrial scale - an end to natural biofouling?

A critically important event in the life of nearly all marine invertebrates is successfully "settling".

Settling means transitioning from being a floating zooplankton larvae to living in or on the seafloor and other solid marine surfaces. like rocky ledge outcrops seagrasses and seaweeds

It was only relatively recently discovered that  the  larvae of each species  will only succeed in settling, if there is a biofilm of specific bacteria species covering that surface. Mussels, seaworms, barnacles: each requires  a specific microbial welcome mat to land upon

By Tom Defoirdt, 1 , 2 , * Nico Boon, 2 and Peter Bossier 1

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Marnie L. Freckelton
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Interactions between microbial biofilms and marine fouling algae: a mini review.
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