May 25, 2012

DeepCwind won't deploy floating test turbine this year

 Bad news for devotees of Habib Dagher's plan to install floating deepwater windpower extractors in the Gulf of Maine.  But good news for wild & scenic Gulf of Maine.

The Spring 2012 deployment of the DeepCwind Consortium's  prototype floating wind turbine off Monhegan has been delayed until  2013. This according to a May 24, 2012 story  in the weekly Free Press of Midcoast Maine : "Deep Water Wind Test Turbine Postponed Until 2013"

Writer Christine Parris noted  that the DeepCwind Consortium is having problems gaining several  government permits and has been forced to push back launch of its prototype windmill until next spring.  
She wrote: 
"Dagher said that some permits were still pending for the Monhegan site, but that he expected them to be approved in the next two to three months, which will push the launch date to next summer. "

"still pending?"  It seemed  like the permits were settled more than a year ago.  I wonder which ones they're having trouble with?  Or is that a mask for investment woes?

Or could this be proxy war between Statoil with their Maine Hywind project  and the University of Maine led DeepCwind Consortium? Statoil with their Maine Hywind project, and DeepCwind Consortium with their Monhegan Test site?  If so, Statoil's deep pockets & its deepwater experience will pose a major challenge for Maine's home team DeepCwind to overcome, if they are to compete.

Dr Dagher has declined to respond to an inquiry on exactly which permits remained to be acquired.

The mind boggles

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