May 16, 2012

Waldo County Emergency Planning Committee Open House Thursday

On May 17, 2012 at 10:00 am the Waldo County Local Emergency Planning Committee  (LEPC) will hold an OPEN HOUSE at the Emergency Management Agency Office, 4 Public Safety Way (Off Miller Street) Belfast. 
The open house will allow the interested public to meet  representatives of the LEPC, view important documents like the county's Emergency Response Plans;  and the Material Data Sheets; and Maine Chemical Reporting Forms that have been submitted by local industries under federal and state laws.

 If you have any questions call Waldo County LEPC  338-3870 or e-mail

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Biofueler said...

At this meeting I witnessed the comment by Searsport's Fire Chief that if a propane fire started at the DCP LPG tank, it couldn't be extinguished. The tank contains 22.7 M gfals LPG which gasifies into 5.6 Billion gallons of propane containing 549 Kilotons [33 A Bombs] of energy, in a vapor cloud covering 2.5 square miles. The existing tank farm now contains 56 Million gallons of gasoline, kerosene, and heating oil which is equal to 122 Atomic bombs, within the area covered by the explosive propane vapor cloud. If everything exploded it would be like 155 A Bombs of Hiroshima/Nagasaki type. Each A bomb substantially damaged a 3 mile radius area. How big an area would 155 times this affect? Can you do the math? They would just have to let it burn! The best emergency plan would be to deploy 100,000 body bags and coffins in a 50 mile radius around Searsport. Maybe some Mobile Hospitals as well. MASH units. Maybe Hawkeye Pierce, Hot Lips, and Radar.