May 17, 2012

Waldo County EMA grilled about propane at Open House 5/17/12

On May 17, 2012 The Waldo County Local Emergency Planning Committee  and the  Waldo County Emergency Management Agency held a meeting and hosted a public open house at their facility in Belfast. Most questions

Below are recordings of the meeting's Q&A session - both an hour long recording, and broken into 4 easy to listen to sections
Full  60 minute session  Podcast  or  MP3

60 minute Session in 4 parts : Part 1 14 minutes 35 seconds  ***  Part 2 16 minutes 13 seconds  ***  Part 3 14 minutes 55 seconds  ***  Part 4 14 minutes 15 seconds

Most  of the questioners expressed doubt about the ability of the Local Emergency Planning Committee and the County Emergency Management Agency to deal with a catastrophic event at the planned DCP Midstream LPG tank facility proposed for Mack Point in Searport.

Dale Rowley. director of  the Waldo EMA said that neither the Waldo County LEPC nor the EMA has any regulatory or enforcement powers. If the LEPC concluded that the planned Liquified Petroleum Gas tank in Searsport was unsafe, it could not block the project, but only let elected officials and agencies know of its disapproval.  
Note: Some bits of ihe recording were deleted due to overwhelming propane truck noise in the Waldo EMA's parking lot.

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