Feb 17, 2017

Monhegan floating windmills project spun in Augusta 1/7/17 AUDIO ONLINE

Listen to  two leaders of the of the University of Maine-led  Maine AquaVentus project, Habib Dagher and Jake Ward on January 7, 2017 give the Maine Legislature'e Energy Utilities and Technology Committee (EUT) a 52 minute progress report and backgrounder on the plan to build two utility scale floating wind turbines and tow them  to  state waters off Monhegan. Island.   Below the briefing audio are mp3s of the 2010 hearing and worksessions that created Maine offshore wind law

A. FULL 52 MINUTE  briefing of EUT Committee on the  Maine AquaVentus project by Habib Dagher & Jake Ward & QAs on Maine AquaVentus project.

B. The floating windpower briefing broken into  sections

EUT Committee opens meeting 2min3sec

Dr.Habib Dagher's  opening statement Pt 1. 8min29sec
Dr. Dagher's opening statement Pt 2. 10min 22sec

Dr. Dagher on anchoring technology 7min45sec

Dagher describes offshore test site 3min22sec

Dr Dagher gets question on Statoil's progress elsewhere_etc_5min27sec.mp3

Dr Dagher on other countries' progress in ocean windpower 1min 42sec.mp3

Senator Woodsome EUT committee chair asks Dagher what legislature can do. 2min45sec

Jake Ward's_& Dagher's final remarks_65,sec

Audio recordings of 2010 EUT  public hearing and worksessions on   
LD 1810, An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Governor's Ocean Energy Task Force.  (as passed into law)

Feb 15, 2010 Jake Ward describes LD 1810 to Monhegan audience

March 11, 2010 public hearing on LD 1810  

March 18, 2010 EUT worksession on LD 1810

March 23 2010 EUT worksession on LD 1810

March 24, 2010, EUT worksession on LD 1810


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