Mar 25, 2010

LD 1810 Ocean Energy Task Force 3/24/55 Work Session Audio

March 24, 2010 work session on LD 1810 Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Governor's Ocean Energy Task Force

Part 1 14 minutes Review of  amendments
Part 2 13 min BEP & Municipalities
Part 3 7 min Preamble amendments. Criteria for projects
Part 4 12 min Ocean wind green standard offer 
Part 5 8 min  pricing and funding
Part 6 16 min Where's PUC. What jobs would come
Part 7 13 min Pilot project RFP  Cert of convenience 
Part 8 9 min Not enough info to make goals
Part 9 10 min renewable energy goals
Part 10 8 min Rep Thibideau & Public Advocate Davies
Part 11 8 min  Stop hiding the costs. Make Maine leader.
Part 12 10 min Involve marine resource advisory council
Part 13 11 min Ocean wind green standard  discussed
Part 14 9 min Aadditional transmission line capacity issue
Part 15 4 min duplicate policy statements fix. Language review tomorrow
Part 16 8 min Final Motion and discussion

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don mitchel said...

The 111th congress has recieved a report detailing the cost to retrofit mainly foreign ships. It suggest the cost of foreign manufactured goods may rise. This could help to make manufacturing again cost competative in the US if we act quickly. There are now many new ballast water systems. New legislation with a strict timeline to clean the water should not allow, approval until long term testing can be proven safe. Testing needs to be done to ensure that diverse systems using different chemicals will not have unexpected reactions if discharged in close proximity of one another nor effect other species besides aquatic such as birds etc. Although the shipping industry has claimed to want uniform ballast water legislation such as h.r.2830 they have already started in their attempt to hinder the purposed Coast Guard plan, even though those who understand the problem know it is far to weak to begin with. Those who care should address their politician now to take a strong position, and fight for our future and stop our politicians from holding this up, as was done by Senator Boxers, phony claim over states rights in 2008, The idea that individual state laws are adequet and can be enforced when the Coast Guard has their own agenda, or when another states laws make it cheaper for ports in their state, is absurd. Being that h.r.2830 passed by the house 395-7 only to be held up by one Senator and not addressed for the last year and a half has caused many to precieve the bill as Rep Oberstar has stated in reference to it: "BULLSHIT"