Feb 18, 2017

FOAA ME Coastal Program re Maine Aqua Ventus 12/1/16- 2/9/17. Plus Participants list

Friends of Penobscot Bay used the Maine Freedom Of Access Act  to request Todd Burrowes of the Maine Coastal Program  to provide copies of  "Public records in your files dated from December 1, 2016 to February 9, 2017 that pertain to the Maine AquaVentus project to build and operate floating windturbines in state waters off Monhegan Island."

 Tood Burrowes response  (8page pdf including FOPB FOAA request)

State officials, NGOs  in Burrowes  FOAA'd email
*  Ayotte, Shannon  DACF Commissioner's Office <shannon.ayotte@maine.gov

* Burrowes, Todd  Coastal Program. Federal Consistency <Todd.Burrowes@maine.gov

* Leyden, Kathleen <Kathleen.Leyden@maine.gov> Maine Coastal Program, Chief

* Nixon, Matthew E  Coastal Program - Ocean planning <Matthew.E.Nixon@maine.gov>, 

* Townsend, Erle  DEP Commissioner's office <Erle.Townsend@maine.gov

* Zabierek, Tina   DEP Policy Director  christina.s.zabierek@maine.gov

* Heather Leonas ME Ocean & Wind Industry Initiative <heather.leonasmca@gmail.com
* Kay Mann  Maine Green Power Program outreach coord<kmann@3degreesinc.com> .


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