Feb 11, 2017

Maine Legislature 2/6/17 AUDIO of Criminal Justice & Pub Safety Committee hearings on LDS 92, 94, 102, 138.

Maine Legislature's Criminal Justice & Public Safety Committee, February 6, 2017
 Audio excerpts of public hearings on LD 92, LD94, LD138 & LD102
Major Chris Grotton, Maine State Police

LD 92 "An Act To Require a Person Who Provides Illegal Drugs To Give Medical Aid to Another Person in Medical Distress Due to That Illegal Drug Transaction"
"Requires a person who provides an illegal substance to an individual that causes that individual serious or life-threatening medical distress,to provide first aid and assistance to that individual and seek assistance from a medical professional, first responder or law enforcement officer."
Complete hearing 35 minutes 


John Pelletier Criminal Law Advisory Commission CLAC.Pt1  8min 20sec   *** Pelletier  Pt 2.  8 min 42sec 

Oamshri Amarasingham, American Civil Liberties Union of Maine 3min
Oamshri Amarasingham, ACLU-ME

Maine Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers 5min


LD 94 "An Act To Provide a Source of Funding for Drug Abuse Resistance Education"
Provide the D.A.R.E. Program at more Maine schools with  funding from the sale of forfeited firearms that are auctioned to federally licensed firearms dealers or the public

Senator Cyrway Introduction & Q&A  20min 42sec

Camille DeSoto  Mother of son killed by drugs  4min 45 sec

Jenna Mehnert NAMI-Maine to end 3minutes

* LD 102   An act to make a person convicted of a crime liable for payment of investigative and prosecutorial costs.  Requires courts to impose a fine on a persons convicted of a crime, of an amount equal to the costs of investigatiing and prosecuting them.
Representative Karen Gerrish, intros bill. 5 minutes

John Pelletier Criminal Law Advisory Commission 9 minutes

Walter McKee

Walter McKee Maine Criminal Defense Lawyers Assoc & partial Oamshri Amarasingham MCLU. total 7 min30sec

LD 138 An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Sex Offender Registry. 
Requires teachers, school employee or other officials having "instructional, supervisory or disciplinary authority " over students  to register with the Maine State Police  if they have been convicted of a Class D or Class C sex crime.

 Senator Cyrway introduces bill, then Q&A 25 minutes

Excerpt:Oamshri Amarasingham MCLU_1min40sec

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