Feb 13, 2017

ME Legislature's Inland Fish & Wildlife Committee 1/13/17 AUDIO. Hedgehogs, turkeys, & exempting vets from hunter safety class.

On January 13 2017  Maine legislature's  Inland Fish & Wildlife Committee held hearings on  three bills  LD 35, LD 52 and LD 98

LD 35. Resolve, To Allow the Unlicensed Ownership of Hedgehogs as Pets Allow the unlicensed ownership of  hedgehogs as pets
Full public hearing on LD 35  Including students.  73min
Concerns raised by state of imported animals carrying diseases from Away.

LD98. An Act To Eliminate Permits for Wild Turkey Hunting, Expand the Bag Limits and Expand Opportunities for Registering Wild Turkeys
Testimony on LD 98 60 min

LD 52. Exempt Certain Veterans from Hunter Safety Courses
LD 52 Public hearing & .Work session 1hr 13min

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