May 17, 2010

Monhegan offshore windmill test area lawsuit record. PARTS 1 & 2 , 4 & 5

Huber v Bureau of Parks and Lands. Below are links to 4 of the ten sections of the Record that contains all the information that the Bureau used to decide that waters off Monhegan  were suitable Monhegan Deepwater Wind R&D site lawsuit.

Index to the Record Table of contents and introductory letters.

Part 1 of the Record 27 pages. The Bureau's decision, maps, and enabling state legislation

Part 2 of the Record 40 pages  Site selection methods, notes of mtgs with federal agencies, outreach committee notes, USFWS letter and comments.
Part 3 of the Record. Charts (to be added)
Part 4 of the Record  39 pages Outreach schedule; state website on ecean energy; public information meeting announcements 8/27/09 and 9/1/09. List meeting attendees; slideshow; Ellsworth 9/9/09 meeting agenda and notes.

Part 5 of the Record. Meetings notes and agendas at Planning Area C (Monhegan) meetings: 8/26/09, 10/8/09; 15 page powerpoint presentation; 10/8/09 meeting notes (edited); site location ranking documents

Parts 6 through 10 still to come. See index.
Stay tuned. Your comments welcome!

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