May 25, 2010

Island Institute & Richard Podolsky on the negatives of windfarming

Well, they tried. 
Windmill industry boosters Richard Podolsky,environmental consultant, and Susan Pude of the Island Institute/Maine Community Wind spoke in Rockport at a May 20th  public forum about windturbines on the Maine coast.  Since no critics of windpower were invited to be speakers, the boosters themselves had to say something about the adverse effects of windfarming. Wasn't easy for them. Here are excerpts on that dodgy subject, pulled from their complete talks* Mr.Podolsky spends two minutes at the end of his long talk describing some of theproblems associated with windfarming. 

Susan Pude gives two minutes review of "negatives" of island windfarming  This at the end of her talk, which followed Podolsky's, at the Wind Forum meeting May 20th in Rockport, Maine.

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