May 4, 2010

Risk the eels, to keep BP oil spill away from eastern Seaboard? UPDATE

Operation Sargasso Sorrow. The surface currents that would transport the BP oil spill north of the Gulf of Mexico, can be diverted into an eastern heading, sending them straight east into the western core of the Sargasso Sea gyre.   

UPDATE: BP HOrizon Cleanup HQ sends email declining to try  current diversion:
--------- Forwarded message ----------
Horizon Support <>
Date: Sat, May 8, 2010 at 5:43 PM
Subject: Horizon Call Center - Your Recent Submission
Dear Ron Huberr,
Thank you so much for taking the time to think about and submit your proposed solution regarding the Horizon incident. Your submission has been reviewed for its technical merits. Unfortunately, the team has determined that your idea cannot be applied under the very challenging and specific operating conditions we face. All of us on the Horizon Support Team appreciate your thoughts and efforts.
Sincerely yours,
Horizon Support Team

But...the oil will tend to be contained within the gyre; there, remediation can be concentrated on a single shoreless location, rather than along the coasts of the Atlantic eastern seaboard. 

HOW WHAT WHERE WHY: Deploy large numbers of upwelling devices (pumps, floating windmills,etc to pull up giant cold water plumes from the bottom to the surface, offshore from the southern tip of  Everglades National Park to  west of the Dry TortugasNtional Marine Sanctuary as could be done., setting up a cold water barriers - like  giant oil boom 100 feet to keep the oil offshore.   T See: Göran Broström, Norwegian Meteorological Institute's paper "On the influence of large wind farms on the upper ocean circulation"   Navies should also tow as many large and medium icebergs south to join the line of spill diversion, Plenty of loose chunks floating about, east of Newfoundland 

Enough deployed, the "thermal water walls": cold, dense and maintained there by the churning upwelling action of every pump that every navy and merchant vessel of the world can deploy there, every floating ocean wind turbine (dern! there's only one!) that can be towed there, will divert the less dense oiled waters out and eastward to the Sargasso Gyre. This could be genocidal toward American Eels, given their dependence on the Sargasso for reproductive purposes.  Europe would likely get a short micro-ice age from the temporary diversion of the Gulf Stream east into the Sargasso Sea gyre instead of north into the NW & NE Atlantic.  Sometimes there are no good choices, only bad ones versus terrible ones.


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