May 24, 2010

GOM and GOM. The struggles continue.

Attorney gaming today: The deepwater wind  R&D test site-enabling agency called Bureau of Parks and Lands  recently gave me 100s of pages of records on how they chose the Monhegan test area.  Then suddenly it occurred to me the deadline for responding to it loomed. 6 hrs left!
Babble Stations! the klaxon roared. To the word processor I hastened. But even heavy doses of Morning Thunder failed to cause the whole jumble to coalesce. What does it all mean? I groaned, twitching with mate' overdose, turning draft motions-to-extend into paper airplanes and flinging them at my window fan.

Then the phone rings: it's a mystic I've enlisted in the effort to convince the windgods to keep blowing the BP spill west and north. Away from the Loop and away from everything east of Florida's outer panhandle.  Progress is encouraging; the plume of oil that was moving to the SE towards the Loop Current is being shoved west away from Florida and Cuba and toward  the center of the Gulf of Mexico. Back, maybe, toward the home leak. That's it, slime-o, go home, mama's calling... \

With that under control for the moment, it's back to the other GOM - the Gulf of Maine. Suing on behalf of Beauty and the Beasts against that Mordor-in-sheep's-clothing we call nearshore wind extraction industry. First, I  call the lawyers:
Me: Time keeps on slippin', slippin,,into the futurrrrre...Gimme 3 more weeks to strain the Official Record through my synapses. And I want a digital data dump. You down with that, law-persons?
Atty 1 (State AAG)  Cool. How about we arrange for you to pump BPL and SPO's Coastal Program's techies for those digital details you want?
Me: Okay, I'll drop those digital data details from the Motion; judge don't need'em. Next?
Atty 1. Summarized: You get your three week extension to peruse the official record  then you can order the details from the BPL and SPO.
Me: (verbal fist bump with Atty 1) Then I ask: "U-Maine-ster?"
Atty 2 (UMaine's)  Good to go if Atty 1 is. Yes? Then send us copies and, while you're at it, will you please think about cutting a deal before the case goes too much farther?

Me:  Um...I'll be in touch.  Later!  (Deal? An idea starts to form....)

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