Feb 7, 2010

Wild birds love Monhegan! University of Maine: keep your windchoppers away!

UMaine President Robert A. Kennedy can save Monhegan's birds. Won't you send him an email? 

Tell him the University made the wrong decision: any of the four downeast candidate offshore wind energy test sites, but particularly the one off Machias, is better both for the University and for Maine people downeast, who will benefit as Machias becomes a global hub of wind-capture engineering
University of Maine: Keep out of Monhegan's winds & waters

Tell  U Maine's President to Disavow the Lease of Shame;

Tell him:
* Don't sentence hundreds of birds of dozens of species to sure death every year as they travel to and from Monhegan.

* Don't put Monhegan's impossible-to-find-elsewhere majestic scenic views of the Gulf of Maine and of the American Mainland, untrammeled by the least   intrusion of human activity, into the wastebin of history.

* Don't make the University of Maine an object of global scorn for clobbering the Gulf of Maine's ornithology

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you had better get rid of the Islands cats and all those windows that birds fly into and kill themselves as well. "clobbering the Gulf of Maine's ornithology". That's quite a stretch. How about some reality in your arguments!