Feb 9, 2010

News: Windpower opponent seeks to keep corporate consortium out of legal review.

UPDATE: The DeepC Wind Consortium is Off the Bus.
According to their lawyer he will drop their request to intervene.

 "Wind power opponent?"  Have I joined that not terribly exalted roster?

I would rather say  "Supporter of birds and beauty", and "Supporter of siting the windfarm R&D site where it is wanted and needed, not where it's most convenient for lazy wind entrepeneurs that would rather not have to trek to the "Other Maine".

But  reporter/editor Steve Betts of the Herald Gazette, who WILL write  about me without ever telephoning or emailing,  makes me out as "opponent", because I informed the court on February 5th  that I would rather keep the corporations out of the case, so I must be one.

The "DeepCwind Consortium" an unincorporated vague mass of corporations, ex-politicians and others, is run by the University of Maine. It hopes to profit by forcing windmills into Maine's public lands and state waters.

But the Consortium would only join the case to cloud the air and  muddy the waters.

For the information the judge needs to make his decision  is entirely within the existing public record.  The consortium would add nothing but hype to the process. They should be kept out and I hope the judge  agrees.

I have no problem with the University ITSELF intervening  in the case, however. Just not that pack of hungry corporate wolf fish calling itself the DeepCwind Consortium.

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