Feb 5, 2010


As that trembling reed of nature protection called Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands bows without resistance to the conquering Wind, and meekly signs death warrants against Puffins, Ospreys, Terns, Geese, Ducks, Loons, Shearwaters,  Storm-Petrels, Gannets, Herons, Hawks,  Kestrel,  Merlins,  Falcons and Eagles (and their songbird kin);

As former Governor King rushes slavering up and down the High Places, mustaches crusty with crimson'd feathers, a swarm of venture capitalists in his train;

As present Governor Baldacci musters the Legislature, impatient to join his predecessor, but for now wielding  the state's legal blades against the Low Places -a bit of indigestion, to be sure, from bolting down Vinalhaven's scenic assets too fast. Now seeking next  windy midcoast islands a'dreaming offshore to seize wind and seize the view;      

As eco-yuppies batten in greedy flocks and swarms, tearing cash from the carcasses of old promises to Gaia's natural citizens -, now but roadkill on the road to the ENGO e-Damascus, where spun platitudes  create at least a vision of energy plentitude;

As academics peer, some fearfully, some hungrily, from their ivory windtowers, awaiting their turn to experiment on enchained Aeolus, Anemoi, Ehecatl, Fujin, Njord, Pazuzu, Vayu, Venti, all the Wind Gods and Goddessess throttled, grotesquely crucified upon turbines, deafened by the ceaseless sobbing eldritch dirges, from  banshee shriekage to thudding bruising infrasound, that blunt the air.;

As  thrashed and choking zephyrs spin helplessly, their death spirals fouling the beauty-questing eye, and the Techno-Juggernaut rising to makes Its move;                                                                                              
As a universal shrug permeates Maine, New England, Turtle Island, pervades the entire Cosmos;

Will you help Her?

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