Feb 24, 2010

Storm over Metinic! Windsters' invasion of outer Penobscot Bay imminent.

Metinic Island nightmare. Like sea slugs under the dank surface of Maine's Submerged Lands Program, a fell gathering of wind thieves hunkers down around a navigation chart of Penobscot Bay centered on Metinic Island.  

40 of what look like skull & crossbones symbols dot the waters around the island, midway between Saint George and Matinicus.  A closer look, and  one sees they are actually wind energy symbols: the feared "Tower & Crossbones".

The conspirators go down their checklist: "Politicians?"  "Check." "NGOs paid off?" "Sierra Club -check. Island Institute- check. NRCM- check. CLF-Check."  
"Cool. Fishermen?" 
"Sorry sir. The lobster associations aren't buying the no-impact argument." 
"Moved 'em out of the area already. Told them it was a conservation closure". (laughter)  
 "Sir, nobody with mobile gear is going to like  our platforms and anchor lines closing off all of those square miles of the outer bay. But then, there's not that many left, anyway, sir. We'll marginalize them. "

They continue their plot against Metinic Island  

"Yessir. The best biostitutes on the New England coast.  They want to know what results you want and how thick a report to prepare."                                                                                                      
"A foot thick should be fine. Be sure there are plenty of photographs of fishermen and their boats in it. We'll manufacture the illusion of consent if we must."                                                                                                

The conspiracy is enormous, if simpleminded.  The feds are dangling cash in front of  Maine's governor and legislature.  All they must do, they are told by Angus King and other sockpuppets for the wannabe energy tycoons of  Neptune Wind, First Wind and that whole greedy lot, is surrender Maine's  wallet and coastal waters to the fast tracking of subsidized industrial ocean wind development.  If the bill is passed, the windustrialists will  seek "wind waivers", exempting them from state  environmental law, as well as  Community Benefit Agreements that will forcibly require fishermen and others to trade their birthrights for federal gold. The windebeests plan to both figuratively and literally pluck the Bald Eagle, icon of our nation and of our coast.

One recognizes the ruthless realpolitik: If the DeepCwind plan for Monhegan is an attack on Beauty, the Neptune Wind plan is an assault on the Beasts.  

Metinic. Fair Metinic!  Southern anchor of the  globally recognized Outer Penobscot Bay IBA (Important Bird Area)
the other two anchors being Matinicus Rock, and Seal Island.  For there simply is no other island on earth that fulfils Metinic's role for eagles, terns, eiders, migrating warblers and many other avians winging their ways north and south along the Maine coast.  

If Neptune Wind can slaughter and clear Penobscot Bay's Important Bird Area,  can keep the surrounding waters blockaded from the scallop, herring  and groundfish fisheries, then they can put their wind turbines anywhere on Maine's coast.

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