Jan 11, 2017

Maine Coastal Program's 11/22/16 FOAA response on offshore wind project Aquaventus/ Volturnus

Maine Coastal Program's 11/22/16 response to Friends of Penobscot Bay's FOAA  re Aquaventus/Volturnus 
request was for "Public records in custody of you or your staff dating from April 1, 2016 to November 14, 2016 that pertain to the Maine Aquaventus /Volturnus floating ocean wind turbines project, slated to occupy the Maine Offshore Wind Test Center.   (FOPB letter is page 34)

Much ado about trying to tweak the rules  to make the state offshore wind test center into a permanent windpower site - which it certainly was not intended to be!
A bit of groaning about opposition from Protect Monhegan folks

FOAA Part One Pages 1-12  PDF  Articles sent to each other

FOAA Part 2 Pages 13-34    PDF   Emails between the  people listed below 

People and email addresses used within the FOAA'd material:

State Agencies
Kathleen Leyden  <Kathleen.Leyden@maine.gov> Dir Maine Coastal Prog (MCP)
Mark Bergeron  <Mark.Bergeron@maine.gov>   Dir DEP Bureau of Lands
Robert G. Marvinney <Robert.G.Marvinney@maine.gov>  ME Geologic Survey
Patrick C. Woodcock <Patrick.C.Woodcock@maine.gov> Governor's Energy Office
Meredith Mendelson <Meredith.Mendelson@maine.gov>  DMR Deputy Commissioner
Philip deMaynadier <Phillip.deMaynadier@maine.gov>  DIFW Coordinator
Todd Burrowes <Todd.Burrowes@maine.gov>  MCP federal consistency reviewer
Peggy Bensinger  <Peggy.Bensinger@maine.gov>  MDEP's  Asst AG
Matthew Nixon  <Matthew.E.Nixon@maine.gov>  MCP  GIS &  Ocean Planning

Monhegan Residents
* Barbara Hitchcock <barbaramonhegan@gmail.com> Monhegan residen,t Hitchcock House
* Laura T Singer <lsinger@maine.rr.com> Monhegan Resident

Wind Industry
* Beth Nagusky <bnagusky@leedco.org>  Lake Erie Energy Development. Former head ME Governor's Energy Office- Baldacci
Info@windindustry.com   "Website for the windindustry"

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