Jan 19, 2017

ME Legislature's new Marine Resources Committee gets DMR & NGO briefings: AUDIO

On January 18, 2017 Maine Legislature's new Marine Resources Committee  was briefed by  DMR officials and NGOs representing fisheries and conservation. The committee also received written material from NGOs that couldn't appear.

Part 1 committee and agency introductions

Committee Introductions. 2 minutes

DMR Carl Wilson 6min 37sec (in midspeech as recording begins )
DMR Commissioner Pat Keliher on fishery & aquaculture confidentiality regs. 1min

Keliher on experimental 53 metric ton shrimp fishery 2min53sec

John Lewis, Maine DMR Research & Aquaculture Director, 4min 24sec

Part 2 NGOs
Sebastion Bell, Maine Aquaculture Association. 14min

Julie Eaton, Maine Lobstering Union 5min 25sec

Unidentified speaker, naturalist on seaweed, 8minutes

George Siever Seaweed 6min 9 sec

Melissa Gates, Surfrider Foundation 3min49sec

Nick Battista, Island Institute 5min 48sec

Afternoon presentations
Mike Talhauser,  Penobscot East. 2min 40sec

Christina Fifield, Penobscot East 7min 34 sec

Togue Brawn, Downeqast Dayboat, on Scallops 7min 50 sec

Chris Vonderweidt, Gulf of Maine Research Institute min 30sec,

Scott Firmin Portland Water District 7min 48sec

York Sewer District chief 55sec

Down East Institute for Applied Marine Research. 9 min

Dana Morse Coop Extension,

Daniel Harrington Independent Maine wormharvesters,

Ben Martens ME Coast Fishermens Assoc, 6min

Dan Riley, Coastal Conservation Assn

Annie Tslikas, Maine Lobster Dealers Association

Committee Rules discussion, to end 17min

Full Part 2 and 3
Presentations Pt 2 Penobscot East to Maine Water Assn. 33min

Presentations Pt 3. Down East Institute to Maine Lobster Dealers Assoc 34min 

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