Jan 13, 2017

Food Sovereignty Ordinance advances in Rockland. Hear supporters speaking. AUDIO

Rockland's City Council gave initial approval Monday night, 1/9/17 to a draft food sovereignty ordinance.Supporters from around the region joined city residents.  Rockland would be first _city_ to adopt such an ordinance.(WRFR Interview of  Rockland FoodSov expert Jesse Watson. 23min 

Public comments on the proposed food sovereignty ordinance are followed by  the Rockland City Council discussing and voting 3-2 in favor of the proposed ordinance.
Judith Lawson
Ron Huber

Debby Atwell

David Myslabodski

After the vote , food sov advocate Jesse Watson praised the turnout, noting also that  it was a "surprise close vote" . He said that supporters differed from critics and holding that the ordinance do not frustrate the purpose of state or federal  regulations.

"For us supporters its not a question of exceeding authority." he said. "What is the purpose of these regs? The purpose is to provide a resilient food system that  makes safe,  nutritious and readily accessible food.  This ordinance does not frustrate the purpose of the combined department of food conservation and forestry." Watson told WRFR correspondent Ron Huber.

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