Mar 17, 2016

Big Gas 3/22/16. Rockland's latest draft of utility scale powerplant ordinance. Plus Index & Links

Rockland, Maine is lobster capitol of Maine. This small city on the western shore of  Penobscot Bay is in the throes of developing a powerplant ordinance geared toward  gasburning powerplants. Big Gas is having a big say in its contentsPlease take a look at the March 22, 2016 draft  (below) and tell us what you think.  NOTE: Coming EventMarch 24, 2016   Public review of latest version of the energy ordinances..

At issue: Gas dealmaker Energy Management Inc has been pushing a plan to build a fueled-by-tanker-truck gas power plant in Rockland. This would be follwed by  running gas pipelines  along the western shore of Penobscot Bay to Belfast.  Recent media coverage

March 22, 2016 version.
AIndex of  draft changes  below.  Existing Chapter 16 Site Plan Review  and Ch 19 Zoning and Planning 
3/22/16 Changes to Chapter 16 of Rockland Ordinance
C. 3/22/16 Changes to Chapter 19 of Rockland Ordinance

Earlier version:
February 23, 2016 version of draft utility powerplant ordinance changes

2/23/16 Changes to Chapter 16 of Rockland Ordinance Site review and planning    yellow=most recent edits, red=previous changes 

2/2316_Changes to Chapter 19 of Rockland Ordinances  (Performance standards)  
yellow=most recent edits, red=previous changes 

Fr left:Pro-gas Rockland city officials:city atty Beal. Mayor Ruf,
 city mgr Chaousis & City Councilor Clayton (facing away)

Hear the above two  draft documents discussed & further amended  at the 3/10/16  Rockland planning board meeting   Audio mp3s)

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