Mar 30, 2016

Big Gas. Rockland planning board reviews, approves gas ordinance changes

On March 29, 2016  the Rockland Planning Board reviewed amended, then approved the latest draft of  proposed changes to two ordinances sections to set standards that Big Gas or any other power-generator wannabees would have to meet if they wanted to set up in that city.  The drafts will be considered twice by the city council   Listen below by clicking on the meeting links.
PDF copies of draft ordinances used at the meeting  draft chapter 16     draft chapter 19  

Audio of 3/29/16 planning board meeting  meeting 
    Intro and Chapter 16 Site Plan Review

  2. Chapter 19  emissions changes  sec 19- sec 302 to 19-309
  A. Broke into sections Part 1  10min30sec  ** Part 2 10 minutes  Part 3  12minutes  **  Part 4  7minutes  

More to come(Noise) 

(1) *One chapter 16 change the PB  adopted was based on my urging them to add notifying the abutting townswhen applications recvd  to the first paragraph - not just abutting property owners.  Ended up  adopting notifying the county about proposals for utility scale gasplants - they would have to deal with emergency management if it blew or otherwise required evacuation disaster response etc  With the understanding  that the county would sent  the notifications, if any, to Rockland's abutting town's  emergency planners.

(1) Some of the board members said that they felt the proposed changes to Zoning and Performance Standards were stringent enough to deter most would be gas burners especially those unwilling to be smaller and meet tighter limits than they'd face in other towns.  Some thought  deter ALL gas wannabees

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