Mar 27, 2016

Rockland Big Gas/Big Energy draft ordinance public Q&A session (AUDIO) 3/24/16

On March 24, 2016 area residents gathered at Rockland City Hall  to quiz the panel drafting a city power plant ordinance, for both gas power plants and solar farms.  
Courier Gazette coverage of the meeting

The panel said that it is working to "beef up" the city's performance standards for all energy  applications, not only Big Gas

Residents raised a variety of concerns  Below listen to audio recordings of the meeting. More to come

Intro slide show, in process 15min
Q&A 1  Power plant sizes 8min 38sec
Q&A 2 Water Use. 8min 10sec
Q&A 3 Water use 2. 8min 49sec
Q&A 4 Site Use 8min10sec
Q&A 5 Water Use 14min 30sec

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