Mar 11, 2016

Rockland Planning Board AUDIO 3/10/16 energy ordinance development

MP3 audio of the 3/10/16  Rockland planning board discussion of its draft powerplant ordinance

Part 1  34min  *  Part 2  19 min  *  Part 3  20  min * Part 4  51min   *  Part 5 16min *   Part 6  4min

The board meeting included Larry Pritchett and Nathan Davis  repping the energy committee. It started as an informal discussion while waiting for tardy boardmembers to show up.  Then there was a public speaking opportunity that I used to urge the board to remember that they are not tasked to make the most industry friendly powerplant ordinance, but to make the most precautionary, most people protective and nature protective  ordinance possible.

Then came the ordinance  work

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