Oct 3, 2015

Water Protection Network Washington DC. Day 1 September 23, 2015

The Water Protection Network met September 23 and 24, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Washington DC for an event  called 
Working Together for a Sustainable Future: From Theory to Practice:  Water Projects and Policies that Prevent Unnatural Disasters. Read agenda ([pdf)

Audio from September 23rd Panels 1, 2 and 3.

Introduction:  Marisa Escudero, Water Resources Mgr, Nat Wildlife Fed 5min 29sec 

Panel 1 Floods & Storms: Improving Planning Before Disaster Strikes

Manley Fuller Florida Wildlife Federation 4min 45sec
Manley Fuller Video  6min 5sec    *  Manley Fuller after video  5min 20sec

Joel Scata  NRDC 14min

Eileen Shader  American Rivers 23min 30sec

Q&A 1 5min 20sec     
Q&A 2 5min 34 sec

Q&A 3  7min 43sec  Q&A 4    7min 2sec

PANEL 2  Better Science for Better Decisions

Nicholas Pinter UC Davis geologist. 20 min 46sec

Martin Doyle, Water Policy, Nicholas Institute UNC 17min

Q&A1   8min 20sec   Q&A2   7min 35sec   Q&A3  8min    Q&A 4 7min

PANEL 3 Ecosystem Services Key Tool for Improving Planning
Lydia Olander, Ecosystem Services, Nicholas School, 21 min

Carolyn Kousky, fellow, Resources for the Future. 15 minutes

Christine Feurt, UNE Ctr for Sustainable Communities,Saco River Estuary Project 17min

Panel 3 Q&A Session  9 minutes 46 seconds

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