Oct 9, 2015

Climate Change & Religion in Maine. Forum held in Rockland 10/8/15 AUDIO ONLINE

On October 8, 2015 Adas Yoshuron Synagogue in Rockland, Maine hosted an interfaith community forum called "Climate Change & Religion".  The forum's panel and attendees focused on the factors that have created the global climate crisis, and on solutions great and small. 

The panel consisted of Rabbi Natan Margalit, Kathleen Meil, Marketing & Customer Relations Manager at Evergreen Home Performance, and Laurie Osher, PhD,  President of Maine Interfaith Power & Light. Rabbi Margalit  spoke first, followed by Osher, then Meil.

Rabbi Natan Margalit 2minutes 42 seconds 

Laurie Osher, PhD,  President of Maine Interfaith Power & Light.

Kathleen Meil, Mkting & Customer Relations Mgr, Evergreen Home Performance. 6min

Question and Answer Session
Intro by Rabbi Margalit 9min 26 seconds

* QA 1  Intro Margalit 9min 27sec ** QA 2. 8min 41 sec ** QA 3. 5min 5sec

QA 4. 6min 24sec ** QA 5. 4min 47sec**QA 6. 5min 54 sec

* QA 7.  6min 36sec ** QA 8. 10min 2sec ** QA 9. Gas plant. 6min 21sec

* QA 10. 5min 7sec ** QA 11. 4min 48sec END

Rabbi Margalit praised Pope Francis'  encyclical letter "On Care For Our Common Home  He noted that global climate change caused by the burning of fossil fuels is causing immense suffering throughout the world, and threatens to bring down our very civilization. Describing the moral and ethical reasons that people of faith should be working to address climate change, he asked "What does Judaism say about our responsibilities and responses to climate change?"

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