Oct 28, 2015

Furious Rocklanders blast new city manager. Urge Chaousis be let go

Anger grows over behavior of new Rockland City manager.

Rockland is in a turmoil as its new city manager James Chaousis harasses employees,  foments community  division, creates enemies lists,  attacks the media,  turns government transparency into darkness.....the list is much longer. Below, Rockland resident David Myslabodski counts a few of the way in his testimony tonight to the council on whether Chaousis should be kept on or let go.
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Wednesday, October 28, 2015
Resident VOTERS of Rockland, 
My name is David Myslabodski. I live on Broad St.
 I see that the council will review the performance of the city manager.  
I would like to list just a few of the city manager’s “achievements:”

·      He is the one that called for a council meeting. The one that started the insane idea of bringing to Rockland a gas-burning plant.
·      He is the one that pushed our beloved and respected Harbor Master Ed Glaser into “Early Retirement.”
·      He is the one that, against our City Charter, elevated Audra Caller Bell to the new position of Assistant Manager. BTW, Ann Matlack was an Administrative Assistant and NOT an Assistant Manager.
·      He is the one who has been sitting on Rockland’s composting permit. The People are eager to compost but the city manager could care less.
·      During the budget sessions, he is the one that put his position on the table. Council should have taken him on his word. Instead council gave the Rec Center to the YMCA and chopped down our library.
·      Somehow, I can see that all this will fall on deaf  city council  ears and the city manager will get a glowing review plus a substantial raise . . . 


Janek Jachimowicz said...

In spite of signs of wealth Rockland's beloved library runs on reduced staffing and fewer hours. For those employed citizens losing Sunday hours reminded us how piss poor the community has become. Now comes the sell out to big gass/oil. Back to Rocklamd 'by the smell of mendacity.'.

Anonymous said...

We The People still can bring a change . . .