Oct 20, 2015

Rockland candidates Atwell & Isganitis at forum for City Council seat

On Oct 19, 2015,  Rockland city council candidates  Debby Atwell and Frank Isganitis answered questions  about Rockland issues asked by the  audience, for about 90 minutes. Stephen Betts of the Bangor Daily News did a good job emcee-ing  the event  Below are mp3 audio recordings of the speakers  More being added. Check back later .

1. Introduction by Betts, Intros by Isganitis and Atwell 7minutes

Frank Isganitis
Debby Atwell

2. Q1. Barry Faber to Isglanitis re assistant city manager hiring issue
Barry Faber

3 A1. Answers to Faber by Isganitis & Atwell 3minutes

4. Q2 Rodney ___ to Isganitis & Atwell re re assistant city manager hiring issue3min 15sec
                                                             MORE AUDIO TO COME
Election Forum audience, City Mgr Chaousis,front right

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