Oct 25, 2015

Deep Ecology conference, Belfast Maine October 23, 2015 AUDIO

 On October 23, 2015  the University of Maine hosted a conference entitled Deep Ecology: Ethical and Spiritual Principles”  Below are links to MP3s of the speakers at the event  (More links to come) Cosponsored by the UME Peace and Reconciliation program and the ESTIA organization , the event had a strong Native American focus. Key speakers were three members of the Penobscot Nation: Darren Ranco, chair of UMaine’s Native American Programs; Sherri Mitchell,  indigenous rights attorney and writer; and Maria Girouard, historian and expert  on the Maine Indian Claims Settlement Act.  Ron Huber of the Friends of Penobscot Bay, a member of the Ecocentric Alliance , hosted a discussion titled "Shallow Ecology: applying deep ecology principles to protection of Penobscot Bay." Other speakers included Monique Larocque, UME Peace and Reconciliation program and poet Kathleen Ellis.


1.Introduction Hugh Curran  3min26sec 

2. Monique Laroque  6min 43sec

3. Darren Ranco  6min 20sec

4 Sherri Mitchell and film 33min 


5 Darren Ranco  7min 21sec 

6. Kathleen Ellis 14min 42sec

7 Maria Girouard 24min

8. Introduction to  discussion breakout panels 6min

(panels to be posted soon)

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