May 24, 2013

June 1st: help Stop the Toxic Dredge Spoil Ring around Penobscot Bay at Sears Island ghost port - by kayak, foot and boat!

Do you reject the Army Corps' proposed mercury-liberating "dredge of dreams" plan to "spoil"  upper Penobscot Bay?   You should!

On Saturday June 1st,  join other Penobscot Bay defenders at and in front of the ghost port on Sears Islandoverlooking the Wasumkeag Shoal. Directions: Park on the causeway. Walk island road to ghost port.. Or walk norhtwest shore to ghost port.  Boaters' paddlers: come to the Sears Island Buoy in front of the ghost port at noon.

AT ISSUE: If Army Corps of Engineers has its way, then Prock Marine dredge gear will take an 800,000 cubic yard bite out of this shoal, Penobscot Bay's most valuable fish nursery.

This to create a ghost harbor for the Sears Island ghost port!  Watch bayhugger boats trace the perimeter of the proposed Big Diggah.

Bring your skills, energies, ideas to bear on the Task: keeping the sunken Mordor of the 19th and 20th century - lurking down in the muck beneath outer Searsport Harbor -  from rising up to cast loose a deadly ring of methylmercury around Penobscot Bay! 

For, should the Army Corps prevail, then, mercury enriched silt plumes dislodged by the dredgers' jaws will  rising off Wassumkeag and spread throughout Searsport Harbor, and to Belfast Bay, leaving a patina of the deadly metal dusting the seaweed, clams, the lobsterbait in trap, the lobsters - and  lobster eaters.

Meanwhile, mercurious spoils dumped onto the Rockland Disposal Site will, under the sway of  prevailing deep bay currents, be sent streaming back north along both sides of Islesboro, back to Belfast, to Searsport, to Castine; coming together in the shallows of the upper bay.  

So say those who fish the upper bay and know it well.   Should the Corps get approval and then dump into the site between Islesboro and Belfast instead... - the mind boggles.

Nor will  only our waterbreathing cousins imbibe this neurotoxin.   New research shows that marine methylmercury that reaches shallow waters  transfers quickly and efficiently into the microdroplets of spring and summer bay fogs. 

There it can transfer to seabirds' lungs - and yours. As well as every leaf in  our foggy coastal forests and island homes and gardens.

Keep the Army Corps of Engineers from loosing this deadly menace  upon Penobscot Bay.  Already methyl mercury levels of some upper bay lobster claws and tails  have risen above state and federal food safety notification  levels,  

One ring that could sink the hard gained marine sustainability certification of Maine lobster, by requiring mercury warning labels on live and processed lobsters from frozen tails to lobster rolls and stew.

One ring that, science shows, would bring methylmercury  to all airbreathers of the upper bay.

The Army Corps of Engineers hopes to get the okay this summer.
Some things don't change.

The people are rising against this needless dangerous plan.  

Got creative? Express your self -  at the ghost port

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