May 5, 2013

Dumping dredge spoils into Penobscot Bay. Listen to a 2007 public info meeting

On September 13, 2007, Maine DMR hosted a Public Information Meeting on the Cianbro proposal to dredge part of Penobscot River adjoining the Eastern Fine Paper mill, notorious for its sediments rich in mercury and chlorinated
chemicals, and dump it at the Rockland Disposal Site.  Read National Marine Fisheries Service
Oct 24, 2007 letter to Cianbro on this dredge project

Note: the recording of this event is of  uneven audio quality

1. Intro and summary of public meeting Ron Huber  6min 45 sec 

2.  Brian Swan, DMR Environmental Coordinator  opens meeting 2min 9 sec

3.  Tom __ Cianbro  8min 43sec

4 Parker Hadlock on dredging. Pt 1. 6min25sec

5. Parker Hadlock on dredging  Pt2  9min 5sec

6. Diane Cowan, Lobster Conservancy  1min 53sec

7. Hannah Pingree  3min 7 sec

8. Becky Bartovics  1min 52sec

9. Diane Cowan   1min 54sec

10. Ron Huber barges and Invasive species. 1min 23sec

11. Final Remarks by Cianbro. 1min 17sec

12. Complete meeting 46min 11sec

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