Dec 24, 2012

TBNT appeals megatank permit approval to Maine Supreme Judicial Court

Thanks But No Tank! has filed a "Motion For Declaratory Judgement Voiding Recent Permit Modifications and Enjoining Further Permit Modifications During The Pendancy Of This Appeal" with the Maine Supreme Judicial Court. Read the Motion here (pdf)

TBNT is asking the state's high court to " vacate Appellee Department of Environmental Protection’s Dec.11, 2012 Findings of Fact and Order modifying and transferring Permit No. L-25359." and to  forbid the Maine DEP from issuing "any other Order transferring or modifying Permit No. L-25239".

The appellants state that "Under the longstanding precedents of this Court, once the appeal was filed, the Department was divested of its jurisdiction to reconsider, amend or modify that permit."

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