Dec 29, 2012

Maine 2013 legislative session looms. New bills from agencies

On Friday, January 18 4pm, the Maine Legislature's will declare CLOTURE. With very few exceptions, no new bills can be submitted  to the legislature after that until 2015.

Soon to fill with public servants
Here are the titles of the draft bills submitted (so far) by state agencies  to the Maine legislature's Marine Resources Committee, Environment & Natural Resources Committee and Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee.  Bill wording is not yet available.

This does not include bills submitted by legislators on behalf of their constituents and lobbyists. That list has not yet been released
LR 471 An Act To Improve the Quality of the Data Used in the Management of Maine's Fisheries
LR 470 An Act To Provide for Passage of River Herring on the St. Croix River in Accordance with an Adaptive Management Plan
LR 469 An Act To Provide for the Effective Marketing and Promotion of Maine Lobster
LR 468 An Act To Provide Guidance for the Development of State Fisheries Management Plans
LR 467 An Act To Require the Development of a Statewide Approach to Seaweed Management
LR 466 An Act To Cap Certain Marine Resources Licenses Issued by the Passamaquoddy Tribe
LR 465 An Act To Make Technical Changes to Maine's Marine Resources Laws

LR 560 An Act To Amend the Mandatory Shoreland Zoning Laws
LR 559 An Act To Make Minor Changes and Corrections to Statutes Administered by the Department of Environmental Protection
LR 558 An Act To Prohibit the Sale of Gasoline with Corn-based Ethanol as an Additive in Levels Greater than 10 Percent
LR 557 An Act To Provide Clarity To Priority Chemical Reporting Requirements
LR 556 An Act Regarding Working Waterfront Projects
LR 387 An Act To Electronically Issue Permits for Burning Subject

LR 476 An Act To Clarify Provisions of the Whitewater Rafting Laws
LR 475 An Act To Strengthen the Wildlife Laws
LR 480 An Act To Strengthen the Fishing Laws
LR 479 An Act To Strengthen Maine's Assent Language for Participation in the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act
LR 478 Resolve, Concerning Rights of Way over Eastern Road in Scarborough
LR 477 An Act To Amend Certain Provisions of the Fish and Wildlife Laws

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