Dec 5, 2012

FIrst Night of megatank public hearings; Searsport Planning Board picks parties

November 26, 2011. Night # 1 of  5 Searport planning board public hearings on DCP
Listen below to organizations and citizens requesting Interested Party status to take part in the hearing, and to the planning board, in most cases granting party status, in others, no.
Steve Miller IIT 5min 40sec
Ed Bearor 1min 38sec

Davis Gelinas 2min 10sec

Lincolnville No Show 36sec

Belfast No Show 20 sec
Chris Hyke 1min 47 sec (consolidated)
Phyllis Sommer 5min 5sec
James & McCormack Economy 5min 48sec
David Italiaander 4min 54sec
Arlene Leighton denied 9min 42sec

Public requests for IP status

Bruce Probert: intro  24 sec
Charlene Knox Burris 4min 43sec
Diane Messer 6min 21sec
Nancy Galland (denied) 5min 20sec
Joel Madiec  3min (denied)
Martha Murphy 5min 49 sec
Rebecca Freeman 2min 40 sec

MORE TO COME! (Refresh your browser)

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