Dec 21, 2012

DCP tank opponents to demonstrate project's footprint on January 5th TANK OPPONENTS TO DEMONSTRATE PROJECT’S FOOTPRINT JANUARY 5, 2013

Opponents of the proposed Searsport LPG mega-tank will gather at Mosman Park on Water Street in Searsport on January 5th at 1:00 pm to form a 202-ft diameter, “human chain” circle, representing the actual size footprint of the proposed tank. A similar circle comprised of nearly 250 people was assembled in Belfast on November 18th of this year.
The January 5 event comes on the eve of the final round of Public Hearings for the controversial project, scheduled for January 16-18 in Searsport. Organizers say the event is not intended as a protest, but rather as an action to demonstrate the actual size of the proposed tank’s footprint for all to see.

The idea was spawned when project developer DCP Midstream LLC, repeatedly declined to produce a realistic scale model for public viewing and scrutiny. 

Exasperated opponents then took it upon themselves to demonstrate just how large an area the tank would cover by assembling their first 202-foot diameter circle last month in Belfast.  A cluster of helium-filled balloons hovering 137 feet above the field demonstrated the proposed tank’s height.  That event received widespread attention and helped attract hundreds of people from around the region to the first round of public hearings in November.
Anyone who is interested in this issue, especially citizens of Searsport, is invited to come and participate in this dramatic, one-hour event, and to witness just how big the proposed tank’s footprint would be.   

Opponents say the massive, 137-foot tall tank poses many dangers and threats to the region, and should not be built in Searsport.

In case of inclement weather, the event will be held at 1 p.m. on Saturday, January 12, 2013.
Contact information:
Peter Wilkinson – 338-4019

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Organizers say the event is not intended as a protest. Lpg Gas Pipeline Contractor Delhi