Dec 3, 2012

Night Two 11/27/12 DCP tank hearing. Big Gas speaks & shows slides

On the second night of the Searsport planning board's public hearing on DCP Midstream's megtank plan,the company rolled out its version of visual impact. Listen below to 23 recordings from the hearing.  
Audios from all week

NOVEMBER 27, 2012
Introduction to hearing by  Bruce Probert, Planning board chair. 2min 35sec

Kelly Boden introduces DCP speakers 1min 46sec

Kelly Boden Introduces the DCP plan 8min 12 sec

Don Baldridge, DCP, 4min 56 sec

Steve Wallace  8min 51sec
Introduction to slide show  3min 56

DCP Slide Show Part 1 5min 26 sec

DCP Slideshow Part 2 7min 41 sec

DCP Slideshow Part 3 4min 25sec

DCP Slideshow Part 4 7min 46sec

 DCP Slideshow Part 5    5min 21sec
DCP Slideshow Part 6 7min 11 sec

Jeff Hurteau, VP Marketing 5min 45 sec

Jeff Hurteau Part 2 4min 5 sec

Jeff Hurteau Part 3 7min

Planning Board QA1   7min 42sec

Planning Board QA2  8min 48sec

Steve Hinchman QA1  7min

Steve Hinchman QA2 6min 2sec

Steve Hinchman QA3 Raj 9min 59sec

Steve Miller QA 25min 25sec

David Italiaander 5min 15sec

Meeting Adjournment 53sec


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