Jan 18, 2012

DCP gasser-wannabees respond to January 4, 2012 USACE Request for Additional Information

DCP sent the following responses to a January 4, 2012 USACE Request for Additional Information.  DCP's reply  is a very long pdf file. Here it is broken into its various parts.

Part 1.  DCP letter to Jay Clement with responses to request for additional information.  47 pages
Part 2.  Attachment A  Applicable design codes and Standards. 5 pages
Part 3.  Attachment B Visual Simulations. 6 pages
Part 4.  Attachment C  Additional Examples of Public Outreach Effort.6 pages
Part 5.  Attachment D Maine DOT Correspondence.  5 pages
Part 6.  Attachment E  Letters from local emergency responders. 4 pages
Part 7.  Attachment F Other community support letters.  46 pages
Part 8.  Attachment G  Maine Geologic survey press release.  3pages
Part 9.  Attachment H. Penobscot River & Bay Pilots Assn & security zone map. 3 pages

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