Jan 21, 2012

Will Searsport, Maine become the new Mordor-by-the-Sea?

DCP-Midstream gasbags want scenic Searsport to take on this new look & sound, so she can be a sister community to this formerly scenic Scottish town. Thanks but no tank!


M. Walker said...

Grangemouth, Scotland is home to a crude oil refining facility that has a throughput of ~200k bbls daily. Is this facility really a good basis for a 'sister city' comparison with Searsport?

Ron Huber said...

From such humble beginnings as Searsport's extant Mack Point tank farms (Irving and Sprague Energy), could come such a carbon hub as Grangemouth.

That is, if DCP succeeds in pushing its supertank through with a bold "damn the scenic industries - full gas ahead!" legal strategy. If succesful, DCP's victory over the local economy will be followed by the aformentioned two companies petitioning to likewise violate the state's scenic standards by expanding their operations beyond their below-the-skyline presences of present.

Both companies have indeed signaled that they would do so if DCP did the initial scenic law-busting. Grangemouth is merely further ahead in the gas game. Let DCP in and the fouling of upper Penobscot Bay will proceed.

artichoke hearts said...

Bring this on your lap top Thursday night to play into the mic. And/or do you have a digital projector? Project on the wall, or even outside on the building - every day.

Ron Huber said...

Got an optoma PK301 digital projector but no i-junk or lap top etc. I'll see if I can do it Great thinking!