Jan 27, 2012

Searsport slams DCP LPG tank after company sneers at town's scenic assets.

SEARSPORT   Foot-in-mouth disease was evident among Big industry's representatives last night in Searport's Union Hall, clumsily pimping their plan to flatten a 30 acre wetlands-dotted coastal forest near where Penobscot River & Bay meet, and cover it with a 23 million gallon liquified petroleum gas supertank complex. 

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Replete with flare towers, security gunboats, constant heavy truck traffic and a sufurous hell-stench, tDCP Midstream's industrial gas facility would, critics fear, utterly deface a sustainably thriving, high employment tourism, recreation & fishery powered scenic natural area, promoting instead a tourism-unfriendly, creative economy-unfriendly mini-Mordor, smack in the forested heart.of the coastal forest lining Penobscot Bay's ecologically critical Long Cove estuary.

 The people's protestations were as nothing to the public relations team jetted into Maine by the anxious company. Yet their pratfall-filled performance last night excited more disgust among area residents than support.
Even the  Searsport town historian, attuned to the ebb and flow of commerce and industry in Searsport down through the centuries, was doubtful.

Searsport resident Peter Taber calls DCP on its photo simulations. BDN photo
When one company supporter sneered at town residents that  that “If one tank is going to affect the whole tourism area, maybe you don’t have enough to offer”,  groans arose from  the audience, and the meeting was essentially over.  
Game over for DCP?
Could be!  DCP Midstream's wetlands  biostitute ..err... "consultant"  had earlier earlier mocked the wildlife and wetlands rich Mack Point Coastal forest, whose soils have never, in centuries of colonization, been plowed, dug out or dumped on and are replete with 8,000 years of native American leavings,  as "low quality" and "insignificant".

One critic of DCP called their outreach efforts "...astoundingly bad. DCP is seemingly doing everything it can to promote our moratorium against them."

Stay tuned.


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