Jan 24, 2012

DCP 's PR assault team to hit Searsport Thursday evening. Its fear & loathing campaign already underway - via robo-calls

SEARSPORT Big Gas' hired public relations machine has turned its sights on the innocent residents of the coastal town of Searsport, Maine.  

The Industry Strategy: spin the citizens and local businesses who are leading the effort to keep the town LPG supertank-free as OUTSIDERS, while Big Gas, having rented a storefront in town, is now as a corporate Searsport person INSIDER.

So the people of Searsport are the outsiders and the Denver based company is the insider. Get it?

No? Neither do I.

But that is in a nutshell, the divide and conquer strategy that DCP's PR team has trotted out.

Tonight, throughout the rolling forests,wetlands and seascapes of this quiet place, telephones are ringing. The Voice of Gas is erupting via robo-call into many Mainers' ears, its pitch: come to a Great Gassing at Searsport's Union Hall on Thursday January 26,  5:30pm - 7pm.  Update: About that meeting click here

The toxic sludge is good for you public relations brigade has been hired by DCP to try to quash the populist uprising among the citizens of of Searsport, who have recognized the threat to local jobs and public safety that the out-of-scale giant liquified petroleum gas supertank would be .Forest  in right half of pic would be slain.

The citizenry, it seems has gotten a moratorium on DCP's 23 million gallon Liquified Petroleum Gas tank monstrosity on the upcoming town ballot. A paultry few months; time to examine the resources at risk of complete ruination by this Brobdingnag eruption into the town's midst.But time is money, say the grey men and women parsing the bottom line for that division of DCP. So this cannot be tolerated.  If it doesn't hatch now, if legal roadblocks are being thrown up, then DCP will cut its losses and look elsewhere.

So come early evening on Thursday January 26th, the citizens will gather and await the  thee gasbagger flacks at Searsport's Union Hall,. Await the inevitable power points and self-deprecating humor of the LPG-pimps'  presentations about how wonderful their roaring flare towers and bulking steel monstrosity -east coast's largest - would be.

Looming over Route 1 in Searsport, fouling the air? ("smell of money!") and the soundscape, ("who's listening?") Rising above the horizon (12 towns' scenic viewsheds would be violated, sharply reducing touri$m).  Trashing an irreplacable 30 acre wetland-filled coastal forest?  ("Your forests and wetlands ain't special"; sez DCP; "who cares?") and making the town a nutter-magnet for those that want to be true BLEVErs for whatever cause they feel toasting Mainers would assist in. More details here and here

The townies hate the plan. Can Big Gas' public relations crew  convince the residents to vote against their own interests and embrace the carbon?  DCP corporados are  pulling out all the stops in trying to prevent the Searsport citizens from voting for a moratorium on their  gas tankery. Thursday's event we'll find out how effective their "shock and awe"  opening salvos actually are..
Stay tuned.

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