Jun 22, 2011

Island Institute sells out (again) to big industry

In his latest drizzle of class warfare  "Listening to the Scenery"  Island Institute's ever-industry-toadying Phil Conkling once again obeys his corporate masters and sneers at the "voice of the people"  for demanding a say in whether windfarms shall industrialize their landscapes.

Phil bemoans the fact that "anyone who can spare a half hour to assemble expert opinions from the internet can mount a campaign to stop something". Merely, he complains,  to benefit "some ill defined majority".   In other words to Phil, the problem is simply that the rabble is being allowed "too much public input". 

Phil was once part of the rabble, until Charlie Cawley's thankfully now extinct debt peddling empire MBNA  took Conkling's little Island Institute from its harborside shack and into its corporate embrace for what he describes lovingly as "commercial intercourse".  He's never looked back, content to frisk at the feet of his industrial masters,  always ready to bristle and howl  at the commoners when  instructed to do so. 

But his thunderbolts are McLightning - all flash and no wattage. 

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