Jun 2, 2011

Sears Island: Cargo cultists continue pressing $200 million bond bill.

That Sears Island $200 million bond bill? IT IS STILL IN PLAY. Yes, LD 420 would float this bond issue on the next election ballot "for building a privately operated container port on Sears Island"
 In the closing days  of the Maine legislative session, this monstrous bill , and others like it  still under review by the legislature. Sears Island is still on the chopping block. Beware!

LD 420 is bottled up in the Appropriations Committee which could excrete it at any time for a vote. Sunshine is the only sensible medicine. Please let people know to contact their legislators or friends. 

In fact LET EVERYONE KNOW, and have them tell  the legislators of Maine's Committee on Appropriations and Financial Affairs  that this bill is a terrible idea.  How?  Just  email your opposition to Carol Tompkins, clerk of that  committee and ask her to send your email around to the committee members. She will.  

How kind to global industry, this subsidized Port of Dreams would be. Let us build it! they cry. The Cargo Will Come Again! For that is what it is: a Downeast outbreak of the Cargo Cult, its victims pining for the 19th century. 

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